Beagle is a privately held Australian company, registered in early 1995, at around the time the Internet was first commercially established in Australia. We offer something unique among web development and e-business companies:
Proudly Australian since 1995
Proudly Australian since 1995

Business Expertise

Our consultants are not just technical gurus. Nor are they just marketing & advertising experts. They are both. Our MD considers strategic management one of his strengths, and backs this up with an award for 'Outstanding Achievement in Strategic Marketing' from MGSM, ranked by 'The Economist' as the top MBA business school in Asia and Australia (2002 rankings).

Examples of services we have provided (in some case as a free service to valued clients) include:

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We are expert at Internet technology

Our web developers have an average of over 10 years experience developing software and IT solutions. Our expertise spans the gamut of technologies employed in the Internet, with a focus on the open source technologies. For example:
  • html
  • Javascript
  • perl & CGI scripting
  • C, C++
  • Java
  • JBOS
  • PHP
  • MySQL and other database technologies
  • Flash

We view these as just tools to achieve the goal. Our goal is to make your business more profitable and successful through the appropriate use of technology and e-business strategy.

For example, our expertise is in integrating your current bricks-and-mortar business with an on-line presence, so that changes you make to your current product database are automatically reflected in your on-line website, and customers' order are automatically processed for payment with notification sent to your dispatch area for product shipment.

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Our quality is second to none

We strive for the highest quality website design, with a focus on six core principles:

 Simplicity - Your site looks great...
      ... regardless of what web browser your visitor has,
      ... regardless of which plug-ins they have installed.
 Speed - Our sites load fast!
 Usability - It is easy to find what you are looking for fast
 Navigability - You know where you are in the site, and where you can go
 Profitability - Visitors convert to enquiries and sales at a high rate!
 Retention - Your target market enjoys visiting your site...
      ... It is fun, and a valuable resource to them!

In addition to top quality design, we are serious about other aspects of quality:

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We are extremely cost effective

Our customers include SMEs, manufacturers, importers, wholesalers, etc. We know the sort of efforts you go to in streamlining your business. For example, you search out sources for components at highly competitive prices, you undertake cost-reduction engineering design phases, and you undertake BPR exercises. Our corporate culture is similar. There is no waste. No engineering gold-plating. Everything that goes into your web design is aimed at improving your website's bottom line profitability!

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