Shawn Rogut

Managing Director

Shawn Rogut is the founder and Managing Director of Beagle Computing. He has 15 years of experience in the IT industry, working for large multinational corporations and SMEs in Australia and the UK, in a range of industry sectors (Telecommunications, Point of Sales systems, factory automation, etc).

Shawn has an MBA from Macquarie (MGSM) , and was awarded MGSM's 'Outstanding Achievement in Strategic Marketing' award in 2001 as part of his MBA studies. MGSM - 3087 Bytes
He has a BSc and a BE (Honours) both from The University of Sydney.

Shawn skills and experience combine business acumen and management skills with superior technical expertise.

In addition to leading Beagle, Shawn also helped start and build a software development company servicing the Telecommunications OSS market. As General Manager Development, he was responsible for the operations and delivery capability, and grew it from initially 3 people to around 40 with the capacity to deliver 8-figure revenues pa. While he is no longer involved in this venture, Shawn's reflections on this experience:

"The biggest thing I learnt was the close correlation between software quality and customer retention. My responsibility was delivery, not marketing and sales, yet close to 100% of our revenue came from repeat business generated out of my group, which enabled us to double in revenue year-on-year during my tenure there. Why? Because of our high quality, achieved through stringent software quality processes and rigorous product release procedures. This is a philosophy I bring to Beagle: we deliver on-time, to high quality standards and at a price which represents unbeatable value for money!"

He is a member of the PMI and projects at Beagle follow the PMBOK methodology Project Management Insitute
He is also a member of Toastmasters International. Toastmasters International


Mandy Goldfoot

Artistic Director

Mandy Goldfoot is Beagle's Artistic Director, and sets our standards for web design, ease of use and navigability, as well as usability testing. She comes to the IT world with Medical Qualifications. She has a Bachelor of Medicine from Southampton University, is a member of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and a member of the Australian Medical Association. She and has been published in 'Educational Psychology' (Vol.15, pp.141-148) and 'Child: care, health and development' (Vol.21, pp.17-29) for her studies on the impact of pre-schoolers' intelligence on their parents' mental health. In addition to her leadership role at Beagle, she also works as a GP part time.

Mandy first became interested in improving the standard of websites as a user, when researching the latest medical treatment protocols. Her increasing frustration at websites with poor navigability or design, and the sometimes impossible task of finding the information you are looking for amongst the thousands of irrelevant results, prompted her to undertake a quest to define a globally accepted standard for website design, ease-of-use and navigability. Her medical training and especially her studies in psychology have greatly assisted in these studies. At Beagle, we use her draft standard for all our designs, and she is currently working on refining and publishing her standard.