Web Development

web-dev-120x79.jpg - 2813 Bytes Your website is one of your most important business tools, and can provide you with a strategic competitive advantage!

Your website is often the first thing your prospective client sees about your business.   After you meet a client for the first time, your website is usually the first place that client will turn to, to get an overview of your company.

Web Packages

Our website packages range from our starter 'Bronze' 5-page professional package for a simple, smart and stylish web presence, to our 'Platinum' package offering a full database-driven on-line shop, with payment processing, and fully integrated with the rest of your business. more...

Our Web Development Process

Our web development process allows you control and input to your website's design, and ensures the development is completed within the timeframe you require. more...

WAGtm Content Management

You need a quick and easy way to maintain your website and update your content. We have the answer! WAG (tm) by Beaglemore...

Web Packages

bronze.gif - 5252 Bytes
  • A fantastic, professional 5-page website
  • 12 months domain registration and hosting, including email addresses
  • Submission to 10 major search engines
  • Artwork, logos and up to five pages of content text are supplied by you
silver.gif - 3294 Bytes
  • A fantastic, professional website with no page limit
  • 12 months domain registration and hosting, including email addresses
  • Submission to over 1,000 search engines, refreshed over a 12-month period
  • Monthly reporting on your site's traffic statistics for a 12 months period, showing you the traffic levels to your site broken down by geography, and the search engines and the search terms that visitors used to reach your sites.
  • Artwork, logos and content text are produced collaboratively. You provide the artwork and information you have on hand; our marketing and graphics gurus fill in the gaps.
gold.gif - 5314 Bytes
  • All the features of Beagle's 'Silver' website package, plus:
  • Shopping cart facilities and payment processing
  • Priority submission to some of the world's leading search engines, which guarantees processing within 48 hours, refreshed over a 12-month period
platinum.gif - 5453 Bytes
  • All the features of Beagle's 'Silver' website package, plus:
  • Database-driven content: Using Beagle's WAG Contant Management System, content such as your product catalogue, company press releases and news is sourced from your company databases. Changes you make to your database, such as adding a new product, are automatically reflected in the website
  • Additional services as required to integrate the website into the rest of your business.

Our Web Development Process

Strategy Tip!

AIDA.jpg - 8248 Bytes

When your website gives prospects the right level of information about your products and services, it becomes your most cost-effective sales conversion tool!

For high-involvement purchases, your prospects move themselves along the 'Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action' chain with less effort from you!

Allows you control and input to your website's design, and ensures the development is completed within the timeframe you require, to the highest quality standards.

Obligation-free consultation

We learn about your business and the market segment the site will target.   It is vital to get a good understanding of the Internet habits of your target segment, as this has a major influence on the design of the site.

We explain our services and how we can help you be more successful.

Analysis and Proposal

We provide you with the results of our analysis of the issues your Internet business faces, and suggestions to address these. We provide a project plan outlining completion milestones and detailing any information that we will require from you, such as product details, pictures or logos.

Design Review and approval

We provide you with a number of suggested design themes for your website, including a menu hierarchy, colour schemes, and button styles, for your approval.

Mk I prototype review and approval

We provide you access to the Mk I website, for you to review.

Final review and approval

Any final changes arising out of the review of the Mk I website are incorporated.

Rigorous testing Phase

We undertake a rigorous testing regime, following our quality procedures and checklists. This includes testing the website's operation using a variety of web browsers, gaining certification of HTML compliance from the World Wide Web Consortium W3C.bmp - 10422 Bytes, and checking a number of fine points such as copyright notices.

Go Live!

The big day arrives! One client's site went live at 8pm. The site had not yet been submitted to any search engines, and they had 3 orders electronically submitted and waiting to be dispatched when they arrived at work at 9am the next morning!

Search Engine Submission

For your site to be effective, it must be easy to find. During the phase we submit your site to search engines and directories.

Traffic monitoring, to gauge website effectiveness

We provide you with monthly reports showing you the traffic levels to your site, broken down by geography, and showing which search engines and the search terms that visitors used to reach your sites.

WAGtm by Beagle: Content Management System

Beagle's WAGtm Content Management System allows our customers to drive their website content from their existing internal product databases. You make changes to your content (anything ranging from adding product lines, incorporating new pictures of product applications, to advertising specials or company news and press releases), and your website is automatically updated to reflect these changes.

WAG (tm) by Beagle WAGtm by Beagle... packed with features:
  • Platform independent - content can come from SQL relational databases such as Microsoft Access or MySQL; or from other sources such as XML sources, CSV flat files, or Microsoft Excel spreadsheets
  • You can keep full control over your database, keeping it resident on servers within your internal corporate network rather than on your web server
  • Slow uploads and complex database synchronisation solutions are avoided. Only those pages which change are uploaded when your site is refreshed
  • Your whole site is visible to search engines, allowing your site to be indexed correctly, with no content hidden in an online database
  • Your site loads fast! Web servers are much more efficient serving straight HTML pages, which is what WAGtm produces. We are great fans of PHP and ASP driven website, but we use them appropriately - for those pages of your site that are context sensitive. For read-only pages, straight HTML as produced by WAGtm is far more efficient!